Huntington Beach

Surf & Science

Frequently Asked Questions

About Seashore Academy:

What is Seashore Academy and how does it work?

  • Seashore Academy provides top-notch academics, a strong ethical environment, and a flexible schedule.  We have small class sizes to allow for individualization and rigor.

About Surf & Science 

What does the schedule look like for my children?

8:30  – 2:30 Surf & Science Academy

8:30 -10:45  Surf Only

11:00 – 2:30 Seashore Academics Only

Our Education:

What classes are offered at Seashore Academy?

  • Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and History. Each day we offer a different academic elective class such as Public Speaking, STEM, Creative Writing, or World Art Masters.

What if my child is above/below his or her grade level?  

 We group students by ability instead of age, allowing children to move ahead or gain a stronger foundation.


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